Customer base

ForUs Com offers its services to All!

  • You are a student who needs a nice graphic CV, but who does not have or does not have the adequate software, contact ForUs Com.
  • You are in the liberal profession and you need a modern showcase site adapted to your sector of activity, contact ForUs Com.
  • You are a small company wishing to set up an e-mailing system for your internal or external communication, contact ForUs Com.
  • You are a media professional and wish to delegate the creation of your visuals to a service provider, contact ForUs Com.
  • You are an association and wish to create and animate your social networks, contact ForUs com.
  • You are an individual with a passion and wish to sell your creations online, contact ForUs Com.
  • You are a restorer and you want to update your menus, contact ForUs Com.

“The best advertisement is a satisfied customer.”

Bill Gates

Services (Non-exhaustive list)

Small services :

Resume example
  • Creation of a business card
  • Creation of a graphic and interactive resume
  • Creation of visuals for social networks and / or all platforms
  • Creation of flyers for events and / or other

Average services :

Example of data visualization
  • Creation of logos
  • Creation of documentation booklets
  • Creation of infographics, data visualization
  • Web Writing
  • Visual creation pack (from 5 to 10 creations)

Great services :

  • Creation or Redesign of WordPress websites (Showcase site, Blog, E-commerce site …)
  • Community Management (regular)
  • Concept creation
  • Communication plan development
  • Proposed editorial calendar
  • Web Writing

Follow-up & Training

ForUs Com offers its clients follow-ups and / or training according to the needs and wishes of its clients.

To take the example of a WordPress website ordered by a customer: this customer can simply order the website and receive it within the period defined in the quote.

However, he can also choose to be followed after the creation of this website: modifications to be made, updates, additions, optimizations, etc.

In the case of follow-up, ForUs Com takes care of the client’s requests.

This same client may also prefer to receive training allowing him in the future to carry out his actions himself and therefore to be independent. If he has the time and the inclination, ForUs Com therefore offers training in order to be able to master his tool according to his needs.

The rates for follow-up and training are to be defined according to the activity and the needs of the client.

Follow-up and training can be directly added to the order of a service or can be requested later.

“The value of an idea depends on its use.”

Thomas Edison