ForUs Com, Communication for everyone!

ForUs Com, is access for everyone, individuals and professionals, to more personalized communication.

ForUs Com represents a community of communication professionals who come together to offer the most complete service and creations possible. Graduated from business, communication and film schools, multiple skills are found at the service of the client and allow expertise more suited to the services ordered.

ForUs Com has also chosen to offer access to communication at advantageous rates and adapted to each service ordered.

How does ForUs Com work ?

Making contact

If you would like to call on us after a meeting or visit to our website, or if you only want to request more information regarding your needs, you just need to send us an email at .

If it is possible to provide a clear and precise response by email, you will receive a response within 24 hours. If a telephone call turns out to be more suitable, we will offer you a telephone appointment.

Calling appointment

Whether to discuss your project or take charge of the service you request, a telephone meeting will be organized. During this meeting, we will go into the details of your request and we can already suggest ideas or solutions. In the event that this exchange is satisfactory, we will send you a final quote with an approximate or defined delivery time. If you are satisfied with this quote, send us your order confirmation and the work begins!

(For approximate rates and times depending on the services taken as an example, do not hesitate to visit the “Services” page of our website.)

Delivery of your order

Depending on the service you ordered, you will receive a first version of your order at the end of the period announced in the quote. If you are satisfied with this version, you will send the final version in the formats you want. If you want modifications or improvements following this first version, we will send you a second version. Our goal is that your order is fully satisfied.

Our collaboration

ForUs Com has recent social networks that will grow with you. If you so wish, ForUs can advertise our collaboration on its networks, providing you with free additional visibility.